There is not another auto repair shop like Master Tech. Every single one of the people who work there are beyond knowledgeable of their jobs. I have taken all of my vehicles to them. From my daily drivers to my classic cars. They take the same approach to all the vehicles they work on. They are quick to diagnose and fix the issues. I would not trust my vehicles to anyone else except Phil, Mike, and Mike. They are the best in the business. Thank you for keeping us on the road!

-Scott Monagle

How very fortunate our community is to have "Master Tech" in our neighborhood!! Your integrity has been comforting and so very appreciated.  Thank you for keeping us educated on our vehicle mechanics and Thank you from the bottom of our peddle! For the fingerprints you leave that assure us we're in great hands!!  Here's to the hopeful signs of an early spring, and a few goodies for your candy jar!

-Irene & Dawn

Hi Guys!!!  I'd like to say, very nice web page.  Also, like to say that you guys are the ones to trust, when it comes to fast and proper repairs, you're the best.  I've been going to you for quite some time now.  I don't think I can go anywhere else and have the same trusting feeling that I do with you. Thanks again!!  Keep up the great work!!

Bob Priest !!


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say "thank you!"  I can't begin to express how much I appreciate your help with my van...not only did you do a great job on my brakes, but you were honest about the cv shafts and advised me to see if they were still under warranty before you worked on them.  You were correct about the cv shafts.  They were defective and still covered by my Kia warranty!  Not many mechanics would have been so honest and I'm sure most would have done the work themselves.  Thank you so much for both saving me money and for helping to keep my precious children safe while riding with me!  You are truly someone who I will recommend to everyone I know!

-Kristie Nielsen

We offer honest and reliable auto repair.
 Our customers can vouch for it!

You. Are. Awesome.  And by awesome, I mean totally awesome.  I really appreciate how quickly you were able to service my vehicle!  I always have an exceptional experience here!  Thank You, it really means a lot!

-Ashley Updyke

Mike and company have always been honest regarding any trouble I've had with my car. I even asked his opinion when purchasing a new one. They are true to their word, which is something rare these days. I have always and wholeheartedly recommended Master Tech to anyone who is looking for an auto mechanic. Thank you all!

I have been taking my cars to Mater Tech for mechanical restoration, modifications, and general repairs for over 3 years now. The team is dedicated to a high level of craftsmanship and outstanding customer service. The facility is always clean and customers are welcomed with a smile. I searched for a long time trying to find a shop that could meet my high standards when it comes to performing mechanical restorations on my classic cars along with repairs to my daily drivers. I needed experience, professionalism, and the ability to get the job done in a high-quality manner within budget and on time. Master Tech has met and exceeded my expectations! Thanks, Master Tech!

-John Ferber

What a blessing it is to have Master Tech in our area. They go above and beyond when it comes to car care and customer service. I know they are going to not only give me the best price and service, they are never going to do extra work just to make extra money. They are extremely trustworthy and reliable. We won't take our cars anywhere else!!


I was absolutely thrilled with the honest and quick help I got at Master Tech.  After a bad experience at a dealer about the repair for my car, a friend recommended Master Tech.  I will never go anywhere else! How refreshing to be told something does not need to be replaced.  I have the utmost confidence in them, can't say enough positive things! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


The meaning of Trust Worthy.   First, let me start by saying I did not know Mike and his crew before I visited his shop for the first time. They were recommended to me by an associate, and being frustrated with the service and assumption that I would pay for anything they told me to at the shop I was using I decided to give Master Tech a try. So I went to see Mike and introduced myself and was very happy with my first visit and then my next and so on. I spent several years myself in the automotive repair business before my current job and I know how it can feel to customers to wonder if they can really trust someone or not especially if they don't know anything about cars! You can truly count on these guys period. I can't tell you how many times I have taken a vehicle to them expecting to replace this or that only to have them say, no you're okay yet or we didn't have to replace that or your oil change isn't due for 1500 miles yet, etc. I could go on and on but sometimes you need to trust someone and see for yourself. I did and I'll never go anywhere else! 


Mike, I appreciate your great service today on my Dodge Entervan. The items I had on my list for checking certainly were chargeable items that should have been added to my oil change. Being in a wheelchair and not being able to check out the simple things makes your company a great asset to me. Again, thank you.


I would like to thank Master Tech Auto again for their service today. I took my car there to have a bad vibration fixed. They found that it was a bad engine mount and ordered a new one. After they installed it, they found out it wasn't the culprit and checked again only to find out that it was another engine mount. The car has 5 mounts on it. They then removed the one they put in and replaced the bad one and vibrations are finally gone. While they were working on it I had them fix the check engine light. The computer said it was an EVAP sensor so they ordered a new one. While getting to the old one they discovered that it was just a bad wire that was buried under the car. Needless to say, it didn't need a new sensor just a wire fix. Any other garage out there would have just installed the new parts and charged me for parts and labor that I didn't need and call it a day. Their motto is "We care, It's NOT a catch phrase, Its how we do business". I am a forever customer of theirs because if the honesty they have. Thank You, Mike Fox, Melissa Fox, Phil Bassage and Michael Minute

-Rick Gebo

Just came to see the website Mike and it is great. I am always thankful for the awesome service I always receive from you and your staff. I always recommended you to people who need work done and they always come and tell me thanks for recommending you. I am glad to be a long time customer and happy to know that anytime I have an issue with my car, you are always there to help.

Don Hoyt